Good Morning, I Love You

Publisher : Sounds True

ISBN-13 : 1683644301

Page : 256 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 301 voters

Discover the Transformative Effects of Being Kind to Yourself “This brilliant book offers us both the science and practice of how self-kindness is the secret sauce of fulfillment, transformation, and joy.” —Lorin Roche, meditation teacher and author of The Radiance Sutras Many of us yearn to feel a greater sense of inner calm, ease, joy, and purpose. We have tried meditation and found it too difficult. We judge ourselves for being no good at emptying our minds (as if one ever could) or compare ourselves with yogis who seem to have it all together. We live in a steady state of “not good enough.” It does not have to be this way. In Good Morning, I Love You, Dr. Shauna Shapiro brings alive the brain science behind why we feel the way we do—about ourselves, each other, and the world—and explains why we get stuck in thinking that doesn’t serve us. It turns out that we are hardwired to be self-critical and negative! And this negativity is constantly undermining our experience of life. “It is never too late to rewire your brain for positivity—for calm, clarity, and joy,” writes Dr. Shapiro. “I know this is possible because I experienced it. Best of all, you can begin wherever you are.” In short, lively chapters laced with science, wisdom, and story, Shapiro, one of the leading scientists studying the effects of mindfulness on the brain, shows us that acting with kindness and compassion toward ourselves is the key. With her roadmap to guide you, including her signature “Good Morning, I Love You” practice, in which you deliberately greet yourself each day with these simple words, you can change your brain’s circuitry and steady yourself in feelings of deep calm, clarity, and joy. For good.

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