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Photo of Alisha Williams Alisha Williams Adjunct Faculty, English
Office: KMP 111-I Extension: 752 Send me an email Biography Always the bookworm, I earned my Master of Arts, Letters, and Language in British, North-American, and Post-Colonial Studies in 2013 from the University of Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle. My degree is interdisciplinary, so I studied not only literature, but also the history and sociology of English-speaking societies. I specialized in American media, especially videogames and television shows. In 2014 I completed additional graduate credits in coursework on 19th century social movements and political and social integration of ethnic minorities. I lived in France for six years, and for a year I taught English at a bilingual school half an hour from the center of Paris. I actually hate Paris, glamorous as it may seem, but I love the rest of the country and love to talk about my experiences there. I moved back to the US in 2008 and began teaching at Lower Columbia College in the Transitional Studies Department, where I still teach in the nursing assistant I-BEST program. In my free time, I enjoy baking and decorating for the holidays, especially Halloween. I also enjoy creative writing and playing with my dog and three cats. My dog Jake is famous at our local beach on the Columbia in Longview because he has to have a doggie life jacket before he agrees to fetch any sticks from the water. Despite being a Labrador, he’s afraid of the tiniest hint of a wave or wake!