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Photo of Christine Wynder Christine Wynder Adjunct Faculty, Chinese
Office: WSC 216K Extension: 513 Send me an email Biography I was born and raised in Taiwan, Republic of China. I have two brothers that live in Shanghai China. I have two sisters that live in Taiwan. Taiwan and China are both countries with Mandarin Chinese as their national language. Many Chinese in Taiwan are from China. My family is Hakka Chinese, while we originally came from China, my family has lived in Taiwan for many generations and I am proud to call myself Taiwanese. Most Chinese speak Mandarin Chinese and the local dialect. But I speak three Chinese dialects. Hakanese I learned at home from my family. Mandarin Chinese was taught in our public schools. Then I learned Taiwanese through conversation with Taiwanese friends and watching Taiwanese TV shows. Many people think Chinese is a hard language to learn. But the grammar is very simple and logical. The written Chinese language can be a bit challenging but is also beautiful in clear meaning and form. I can say that when students regularly do their homework it is an easy language to learn. China has a long history, over 5,000 years. It has a wonderful culture and people. I think the experience of learning Chinese can be a fun and rewarding one. We have offered Chinese at Centralia College since 2010, this is our third year. We have a two-year program and now have a new textbook and learning system that I think is wonderful. Before coming to Centralia College, I taught Chinese at a high school and a private school in Olympia for eight years. I think that of all the students I have taught, I enjoy those at Centralia College the most. WELCOME to my class!